Sea Freight is one of our strengths, TNN LOGISTICS CO. is currently an agent for many shipping companies and international forwarding agent

Awareness of the importance and potential of air cargo, TNN LOGISTICS CO. has boosted investment and expand the market for this service segment.

Freight transportation is one of the most important steps in the speed of freight movement, increasing the working capital cycle, contributing to the efficiency of the enterprise business

TNN LOGISTICS CO. has developed Supply Chain Management (SCM) services since 2003, based on Clients’ needs about all-in logistics and supply chain solution packages for product lines manufactured at factories at different areas, imported, stored and delivered to consumers or suppliers in the Northern Vietnam market.

Custom brokerage is the core service of TNN LOGISTICS CO. supplemented by customs consulting services and delivery

With durable warehouse, safe, newly built, situated inconvenient location for storage and distribution of goods. TNN LOGISTICS CO. has a capacity storage up to 2.500m2...